"This is a photo of the Harpy Eagle, a bird of prey usually inhabits tropical lowland rainforests in the upper canopy layer. “


Taken yesterday :) #africanfisheagle #eagle #theenglishschooloffalconry #falconry #fraggle


A beautiful owl from Favim

mysterioususer inquired:
Hi! you see i'm a vet student and i have this homework in wich i have to look for the phisiological constants og my favorite animal wich are the birds of prey i don't know if you call them like that in english but it's like the heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, dehydration degree, general condition of the body i was wondering if you knew any of these or if you knew any sites where i could use ? sorry if im botering you and for my english too !

Hi there!

One of the biggest questions is for what bird are you looking for the constants in? Do you need specific species information, or as a general range throughout birds of prey? I’ll do my best to look through any veterinarian books and sites I know to see if I can locate any helpful information for you but if you need the info for one species it will be much easier. Let me know and I’ll get to work!



The Red-necked Falcon - Falco Chicquera, is a bird of prey in the falcon family. This bird is a widespread resident in India and adjacent regions as well as sub-Saharan Africa.

Photo by Jan Fourie.